Zatient is your intelligent patient decision assistant.

Empowering you to confidently take your journey of care and survivorship.

Supported conditions: prostate cancer

Treatment options can be confusing.

Consider a typical experience…

Your doctor thinks your PSA level is too high and recommends a biopsy. A few weeks later, your urologist calls with the bad news: you have prostate cancer. Soon you’re listening to the urologist list your options: “You can do nothing or do a lot, wait and see, or remove your prostate. We can irradiate it or freeze it. There’s no right answer. It’s your choice.” Now what?

The story is similar for other conditions…

After a follow-up medical test, your doctor calls with bad news: you have breast cancer. A few weeks later, you’re listening to a surgeon list your options: “You can do this or do that, do nothing or do a lot, wait and see, or remove both breasts. There’s no right answer. It’s your choice.” Now what?

Zatient® can help.

Get personalized guidance right when you need it.

Zatient is an intelligent patient decision assistant for people concerned about acute or chronic medical conditions. It enables healthcare consumers to more confidently undertake their journey of care and survivorship.

New tests, treatments, and guidelines regularly enter the marketplace. However, not everyone is benefiting from evolving “best practices.” Zatient empowers people to make good decisions based on custom-tailored knowledge and state-of-the-art medicine while remaining consistent with their personal needs, preferences, and values.

Is Zatient accurate?

Our evidence-based medical assistance is gathered from current guidelines of professional healthcare organizations, knowledge bases maintained by Health and Human Services agencies, and scientific results from published clinical trials.

Who pays for Zatient?

Not you! Currently, we operate our business without the support of the healthcare ecosystem. We’re trying to survive and grow without compromising our ultimate goal of becoming a developer of tools for patient empowerment.


Informed decision-making

Personalizes care decisions by incorporating patient goals, values, and preferences.

Patient engagement

Promotes healthy dialog between the patient and clinicians by providing various reports and communications.

Digital health

Integrates virtual advisors with human clinicians to make care more comprehensive and precise.

Best medical practices

Promotes best practices as recommended by professional healthcare organizations.

Evidence-based medicine

Utilizes scientifically validated practices and procedures as the foundation for all recommendations.

Patient advocacy

Levels the playing field to allow patients to become contributing members of their healthcare team.

Electronic health records

Captures electronic versions of patient medical records and incorporates the data into the decision-making process.

Health literacy

Makes personalized knowledge understandable regardless of the user’s medical experience in a basic, intermediate, or advanced format.

Care continuity

Provides uninterrupted support across all regions of care from wellness to advance care.

About us

XFI® develops disruptive products and technologies for intelligent decision-making. Zatient applies XFI’s knowledge and experience over the past 20 years to optimize the journey of healthcare consumers. To learn more, visit